Art of Zena

With my work I want to create an alternate reality one that is fueled by dreams and the myths of our past. I invoke long forgotten goddesses and gods of ancient cultures from Greek mythology to Aztec legends. My influences are: Graffiti, Mexican Folk Art, Street Art, Tattoos, Surrealism, Art Noveau, and Art Deco. I am also interested in metaphysics, religion,and philosophy. I study symbols and like to incorporate them into my paintings, illustrations, and murals. My use of color is derived from Graffiti and Mexican folk art and always changes depending on what I feel. I enjoy experimenting with a range of media such as: acrylics, pastels, paint markers, colored pencils, collage, aerosol spray paint, pencils, and pens. I love to take risks in my art and in my life as well.