Delilah "Zena" Salgado is a multidisciplinary artist and educator born and raised on the South West Side of Chicago. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked in Pilsen as a teaching artist for Pros Arts Studio for over 10 years. As a wife and mother of 3 she continues to push her artistic practice and community work via "The Beautiful Souls Coffin Show" which is going on its 10th year, a Dia De Los Muertos inspired group show that is inclusive to artists and community members alike.

Her artivism includes co-founding the We Are Hip Hop Festival with youth from the Pilsen neighborhood and co-founding Mujeres Mutantes an all women's art collective where they create shows and events that are inclusive to families and lqbtq community.
She is an affiliated artist with Chicago Public Art Group where she assisted renowned artist Hector Duarte in the completion of a 100x30 foot mural for ComEd titled "Dance of the Fireflies" and most recently created a 2 panel mural art intervention in her neighborhood of McKinley Park via Chicago Public Art Group Community Windows Project led by Core member Cynthia Weiss. This mural is titled “The Earth Is Worth Its Weight In Gold” a piece about protecting nature for future generations and letting us simply breathe and be in nature during this pandemic and political climate.

Salgado is currently working on cultivating a body of work for her solo show "Alchemical Magnum Opus" based on mythologies, dreams, and nature. She is influenced by the teachings of Joseph Campbell, Allan Watts as well as Carl Jung.

Art of Zena